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Titanium mobile technology, technology introduction

Titanium mobile technology, technology (Tec-Do) was founded in 2017, is a global leader based on big data and BI for business growth, enabling the company. The company adhering to the customer service center of the core values, designed by the technical ability of the sample to improve the global business operational efficiency, create help Chinese companies to the Sea, one-stop service platform.

Titanium mobile technology, technology and business scope

The company business covers more than 200 countries and regions, serving nearly 5,000 customers, connecting nearly 20,000 global vertically integrated media resources that are byte beating, Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Lazada, etc. industry-leading business partners.

Owns China Sea brand offers a one-stop electrical contractor out to sea the solution of the Tec-Retail, is a global mobile end flow main one-stop mobile e-Commerce solutions meetMyShop, focus on overseas mobile advertising, business intelligence advertising services brand Mobisummer and one-stop integrated marketing and Agency services brand UniAgency。

Titanium mobile technology, technology services

Titanium mobile technology, technology in Marketing Cloud SaaS as the core, taking all of the data and the platform together, while offering includes a full case, mesh red, creative, consulting, effects, and five sea service, the more comprehensive service capabilities are presented to the customer; titanium provide services to meet the game, APP, brand electricity suppliers and other typical industry sailing needs.

Titanium mobile technology, technology and how to access it?

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